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The role of design thinking in innovation

Innovation is everywhere but practical advice about how to innovate is less prevalent, especially in companies that can't afford R&D labs, incubators or accelerators.
- murray cox (strategy director)

Facilitating design thinking

The beauty of Design Thinking is its unpredictability. Its potential to take things in a surprising direction, even before you’ve grabbed your second coffee.
- Kate Greenstock (Design director)

Scamping…that’s a dance, right?

When I joined Pancentric as UX designer just under 4 months ago I hadn’t heard the word/term scamp or its verb, scamping. It came up in a meeting in reference to me sketching out some ideas.
- Sunil Pithwa (Junior UX designer)

The easiest way to go viral: Don’t plan to go viral

Anyone who works in social media wants a viral hit on their hands. But how do you achieve it? Is it something that has to be driven by a community or can viral campaigns be manufactured?
- rachael pywell (content marketing executive)

Digital. On Paper.

I’ve just returned from an emergency stationery meeting with our Office Manager here at Pancentric, the fabulous Deby. The topic of said emergency? We need more Post-it notes!
- Kate Greenstock (Design Director)

Experience, not content, is now king

Looking through a raft of digital agency websites recently I was struck by a) how many new sites were in evidence and b) how many were playing down their content offers.
- murray cox (strategy director)

Why service design?

How often have you been stuck in an interminable queue on the phone while trying to speak to your bank or insurance company? You’ve probably said to yourself that there has to be a better way. There is, and it’s called service design.
- murray cox (strategy director)